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Across the World, Tennis Academies, Schools and Communities are facing the challenges of the 21st century. Parents are more discerning than ever before and sport is seen as being of vital importance to one’s life development.

When parents are deciding upon the best schools or communities to live for their children. The locations with the top quality sports programs will have the edge . Extracurricular activity is vital part of helping to develop the rounded individuals that will succeed in tomorrow’s workplace. The businessmen and women of the future will need to be able to address their own health and fitness if they are to maximize their careers. An ability to play tennis  can be the key to settling in a foreign country or to mix business with pleasure amongst work colleagues. Statistics now show that there has been a huge swing towards tennis from other sports due to time constraints and cost. Business is discussed around the tennis courts as much as it is on the golf course. The message to young people of tomorrow is clear. It is that it is a huge advantage to play tennis proficiently so they cannot just enjoy and socialize, but to help themselves in their future commercial life.

This is a highly specialized area of expertise that many facilities have difficulty addressing with success. OTA management can help. By working with the client to identify their possibilities we can ease this considerable headache by ensuring that the programs and the personnel are tailored to the particular needs. Together we make sure to offer the best programs to facilities and their current prospective parents and children.

We care how families are taught and understand the complexity and commerciality of running tennis programs.

OTAM has representation internationally and is positioned to provide complete service worldwide through our network of affiliates. It offers advice, knowledge and experience to fit clients large or small. TTT can work as consultants or within joint venture opportunities. Our passion is involved in all ranges of tennis from top international levels to those beginning the sport. Regardless of age and ability, the philosophy and ethos of the company is to introduce all to the joy, health and wellbeing generated by participation in the sport of tennis. All programs should reflect simple, effective teaching in a fun filled environment. If our love and passion for sport is passed on to the individuals involved then we will have succeeded.

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