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Click Here – Windermere Prep (WP) Camp
Current Program: 05/31/21 – 08/08/21

Click Here – West Orange (WO) Camp
Current Program: 05/31/21 – 08/08/21

Summer Vacation Program (WP & WO) 
Current Program: 05/31/21 – 08/08/21

Dear families,

Welcome to our Summer Program at Windermere Prep School and West Orange Country Club. Our Summer Program begins Monday 29th for 9 weeks thru Sunday 30th May.
We are very focussed with “Tennis with Confidence” ensuring that we can all conduct lessons healthily . We will be implementing  social distancing and other precautions i.e. limit close contact (e.g. hand-shaking, hugging, high fives and washing of hands).  Our coaching staff have all been informed to conduct safe habits and interactions and lessons will follow CDC/Orange County Guidelines”. All players walking to and from the and courts are required to wear masks.

Summer flexibity for familes home school their children.

We will be offering a variety of options to keep you children physically active if the program times don’t work for you.Please contact us.