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Click Here – WP Program
Winter Program: 10/19/20 – 01/17/21

Click Here – West Orange Program
Winter Program: 10/19/20 – 01/17/21

Elite Program 
Winter Program: 10/19/20 – 01/17/21

Dear families,

We are currently in our Fall Program at Windermere Prep School and West Orange Country Club. Winter Programming starts Monday 19th October.
Our focus for this program is “Tennis with Confidence” ensuring that we can all conduct lessons healthily for all. We will be implementing  social distancing and other precautions i.e. limit close contact (e.g. hand-shaking, hugging, high fives and washing of hands).  Our coaching staff have all been informed to conduct safe habits and interactions and lessons will follow CDC/Orange County Guidelines”. All players walking to and from the and courts are required to wear masks.

Winter Flexibility! for families home schooling their children.

We will be offering a variety of options to keep you children physically active if the program times don’t work for you.Please contact us.